Hand Made in the Mitten

So you have questions...I have answers.

We get tons of questions every year and in an effort to get the information to you before you need to even ask, we've created this page.

Q: Hello, This product looks pretty amazing for winter weather cycling. I was wondering if it is possible to get a SupaHiVis for drop bars. I do a lot of night riding in the winter and want to be as visible as possible?

A: We are currently working an HiVis and SupaHiVis version of the drop bar version, However we do not expect to have them perfected until late 2017 or early 2018. We want to make sure they look as great as they work.

Q: Hi. I'm very much interested in the road bike version of Moose Mitts. But I have internal cable wiring (Di2 electronic shifting)...will these mitts work?

A: Yes the Drop bar version (road version) work with pretty much every type of drop bar shifter, SRAM, Shimano, Cables, or electronic...Heck they even work with 'ole skool' bar cons.

Q: Also, I see that the MTB version has an internal pocket for a chemical warmer...does the road version have this pocket too?

A: The pocket is only in the mountain bike style Moose Mitt. Due to the more open design of the road bike version the pocket would not have the same warming effect as the more closed MTB style

Q: Hello, Will your Moose Mitts fit the Jones Loop bar?.

A: I know of many customers who have been able to enjoy the Moose Mitts on their Jones H Bars, however it may depend more on the type of shifters used.

Q: Hi folks! Hey, looks like you have a great product, I was referred by my brother-in-law...however, the applications I see are for mountain bikes...do the Moose Mitts work for RACING bikes handlebars (drops), as well?

A: We have a specific Drop bar version for "racing bikes"or Drop Bars but there have also been a few riders who use the standard mountain bike version on their drop bars by installing them opposite and backwards But I still suggest the normal Road Bike version.

Q: Would your moose mitts work with snowmobiles? I have heard great things about your mitts for bikes... Was wondering if they would cross over? Happy riding!!

A: Why Yes, There have been several customers and friends who have used these on their snow mobiles too.

Q: Does the mirror mount inside the end if handlebar ?


A: The only way to make it work is to cut a small hole in the end. The slide the mirror through and the mirror creates a clamp around the slit/hole once installed. I know other customers have done this with the moose mitts. I personally have not however.

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